Print out this handy list to remind you of the items you need.  When multiple items are listed in parenthases, circle the item you want to buy.  Feel free to photocopy the form and use it every week.


Canned Goods




Frozen Food

Fruit Cocktail

(Sugar) (Flour)

Frozen Dinners

Canned Fruit

(Chocolate Chips) (Spices)

(Pizza) (Frozen Pasta)

Canned Vegetables:

Mashed Potato Mix

Chicken: (Nuggets) (Strips)

Canned Soup

(Veg. Oil) (Shortening)

Chicken: (Patties) (Wings)

Canned Ravioli

Coffee: (Regular) (Decaf) (Tea)

Chicken: (Fried) (Fillets)

Canned (Chili) (Stew)

(Hot Chocolate) (Creamer)

(Hamburgers) (Meatballs)


Pasta & Sauce

Mix: (Cake) (Brownies)

Steak Sandwich Meat

(Pasta) (Tomato Sauce)

(Bread) (Rolls) (Stuffing Mix)

Fish: (Fillets) (Breaded)

Tomatoes: (Crushed) (Paste)


Household Items

(French Fries) (Hash Browns)



Dishwashing Soap

(Mozz. Sticks) (Onion Rings)

Cereal: (Cold) (Hot)

Laundry Detergent

Frozen Vegetables:

Toaster Tarts

Air Freshener

Mixed Veg. Meal Starters


Snacks & Beverages:

Cleaner (Glass) (Surface)

(Ice Cream) (Pie:                   )

(Snack Bars) (Pudding Packs)

(Soap) (Shampoo) (Conditioner)

(Waffles) (Toaster Pastries)

Mix: (Pudding) (Gelatin)

(Diapers) (Baby Powder)

(French Toast Strips) (Danish)

Applesauce: (Jar) (Packs)


Paper, Etc.


Refrigerated Food

Indiv. Wrapped: (Cookies) (Crackers)

Greeting Cards

(Milk) (Eggs) (1/2 & 1/2)

Indiv. Wrapped: (Cakes) (Candy)

(Toilet Paper) (Tissues)

(Yogurt) (Lt./Hvy. Cream)

Chips: (Potato) (Tortilla) (Salsa)

(Napkins) (Paper Towels)

(Sour Cream) (Cottage Cheese)

(Pretzels) (Cheese Puffs)

(Plastic Wrap) (Alum. Foil)

(Butter) (Margarine)

(Soda) (Juice) (Fruit Punch)

Bags: Sandwich) (Storage)

(Lunchmeat) (Cheese)

Bottled Water

Bags: (Frozen) (Trash)

(Bacon) (Hot Dogs)

Iced Tea

Disposable: (Plates) (Cups)

Ready-to-Bake (Biscuits) (Rolls)



Disposable Utensils

Pudding Packs

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